Colorado River threatened, Vail Valley |

Colorado River threatened, Vail Valley

Paul Hollrah
Winter Park, CO, Colorado

In West Slope communities, people understand that the Colorado River is one of our state’s most valuable assets.

What many residents might not know is that the Colorado is facing water losses that threaten both the health of the river and the strength of our local economies.

At present, a number of trans-basin water diversions are taking more than half of the Upper Colorado’s water and sending it to the Front Range.

Now the Windy Gap Firming Project would send even more water over the Continental Divide. Between this and other upcoming projects, the river could lose some 70 percent of its flow, risking devastation to West slope fisheries and recreation- and tourism-based businesses.

We can protect this resource — but only if citizens speak up. The deadline for public comments on Windy Gap’s environmental impact is Dec. 29.

If you care about the Colorado River, please fax or e-mail comments to Will Tully, Bureau of Reclamation. (Fax: 970-663-3212. E-mail: And Chandler Peter, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. (E-mail:

Paul Hollrah

Winter Park

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