Colorado Springs man coughs up inch-long nail |

Colorado Springs man coughs up inch-long nail

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado ” Prax Sanchez says he still doesn’t know how it happened.

Sanchez, 72, was getting an MRI ordered by a hearing specialist last month when doctors stopped the machine and said there seemed to be something metallic in his face. “I said, ‘I don’t know anything about metal in my face,'” Sanchez said.

But right after the MRI, he coughed up the culprit: A nail more than an inch long.

His doctor, Jamieson Kennedy, told television station KKTV in Colorado Springs that the nail may have been embedded there as long as 30 years. The MRI’s magnetic force apparently dislodged the nail, causing Sanchez to cough it up.

Sanchez said he can’t remember ever using a nail like it.

“I’ll probably frame it,” he said Friday.

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