Colorado teen’s death prompts look at student privacy |

Colorado teen’s death prompts look at student privacy

LAWRENCE, Kansas ” The University of Kansas plans to review its policies prohibiting the release of student information to parents.

KU’s vice provost for student success, Marlesa Roney, says her office has formed a panel to get input from students.

This comes after the alcohol-related death of 19-year-old Jason Wren of Littleton, Colo., about two weeks after he had been kicked out of a university residence hall for repeated alcohol infractions.

His father, Jay Wren, says university housing officials would not tell him which policies his son had violated. They cited the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Wren said he would have made his son leave school if he had an alcohol problem.

Jason Wren was found dead March 8 at fraternity house in Lawrence.

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