Colorado: Terror suspect’s attorney facing marijuana charge |

Colorado: Terror suspect’s attorney facing marijuana charge

DENVER – The attorney for a Colorado man suspected of being involved in an alleged terror plot faces a marijuana possession charge in northern Colorado, but he says the drugs in question weren’t his.

Court records show Arthur Folsom, 37, was cited in June in Larimer County with possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana, a petty offense that typically carries a fine of no more than $100 if convicted but no jail time.

Folsom spokeswoman Wendy Aiello (eye-EHL’-oh) says he was cited because he was the owner of the boat where the marijuana was found during a safety inspection. She says the marijuana belonged to one of Folsom’s friends who was a guest on the boat.

A pretrial conference in the marijuana case is scheduled for Oct. 13.

Folsom’s client, 24-year-old Najibullah Zazi (nah-jee-BOO’-lah ZAH’-zee), faces charges of lying to the government in a matter involving terrorism. He has denied being involved in a terror plot.

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