Colorado tourism: A smart investment for entire state, and Vail Vailley |

Colorado tourism: A smart investment for entire state, and Vail Vailley

Chris RomerVail, CO,

Americans across the nation and here in the Vail Valley are all being impacted by the current state of the economy. As we watch financial infrastructure change and states make hard choices about spending and budget cuts, wed be very smart to consider programs that demonstrate investments with the greatest return. Statewide tourism promotion is one of those programs, bringing billions of dollars into Colorado each year. Promoting tourism is a great investment for Colorado and is of obvious importance to Eagle County businesses. Since 2000 the Colorado Tourism Office has promoted the state through national and international marketing. In 2007 alone, the Colorado travel industry generated $763 million in local and state tax revenues. These are revenues the state of Colorado cannot afford to lose, especially in this soft economy. In addition, the tourism industry is also one of the largest employers in the state, providing more than 149,000 jobs for Coloradans. Even in uncertain times, one thing is clear: Promoting tourism is a smart investment for Colorado and for the Vail Valley. Yet the latest recommendation from the governors office is to slash the tourism promotion budget by almost half. Few other programs are subject to as large of a reduction as tourism. Time is critical for contacting our legislators with this important message. Please contact our state senator, Al White, and state representative, Christine Scanlan, and let your voice be heard in support of tourism funding! Chris Romer Director of Sales & Marketing, Vail Valley Partnership

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