Colorado: Trinidad assault in midst of transgender tolerance |

Colorado: Trinidad assault in midst of transgender tolerance

John Ingold
The Denver Post

When she was first found – seen through the cracked opening of a Trinidad motel room door – she was lying on the floor naked, bleeding and bound at the hands and feet with telephone cords.

She had been sexually assaulted with a coat hanger. Inside the room, police discovered a hair dryer in the “on” position with a tripped circuit breaker. She told police that her assailant held her down in a filled bathtub, then tried to electrocute her, according to a report.

In Trinidad – a town of about 9,000 people in southern Colorado that sees no more than a couple dozen serious assaults a year – the attack last month is shocking enough. But that the victim was a transgender woman who traveled to the town’s famed sex-change clinic strikes at the heart of something many Trinidad residents pride themselves on: the community’s unblinking tolerance for and acceptance of the transgender community.

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