Colorado: Trucks can use ‘sock’ instead of chains |

Colorado: Trucks can use ‘sock’ instead of chains

VAIL, Colorado ” Truckers can use “socks” for their tires instead of chains next winter.

The Colorado Department of Transportation gave “probationary” approval to the AutoSock, a fabric device that slips over a truck’s wheels to give it more traction on snowy roads.

Proponents say the AutoSocks are just as good as chains at providing traction. They also say the device is easier and faster to install than chains.

During snowy weather, the Colorado Department of Transportation makes truckers put chains on their tires to go travel the steep, winding stretch of Interstate 70 over Vail Pass.

Trucks pull over at designated “chain up” areas in East Vail and Summit County to put on the chains.

That can be dangerous ” one trucker was struck and killed in East Vail last year as he removed his chains. Another died of a heart attack last year while putting on chains in Vail.

This summer, the Colorado Department of Transportation will be installing a new “chain down” area for truckers to remove chains in East Vail.

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