Colorado voters also deciding 14 ballot questions |

Colorado voters also deciding 14 ballot questions

DENVER, Colorado ” There’s a lot more for Colorado voters to decide than who to send to the White House. Voters are also being asked to consider 14 ballot questions on Election Day.

They include a measure to amend the state Constitution to define a fertilized egg as a person. Colorado voters would be the first to decide whether life begins at conception.

Voters are being asked whether to ban affirmative action programs in state government, including colleges and universities.

There’s also Amendment 47, the “right to work” measure. It would change the law to bar unions from being able to force nonmembers to pay fees to cover the cost of representing them. A coalition of union and business groups is fighting it and two other union-related measures.

It could have been worse. Four measures backed by unions were withdrawn in a deal with businesses to fight three questions unions oppose. Those measures still appear on ballots but votes on them won’t be counted.

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