Colorado voters preserve affirmative action |

Colorado voters preserve affirmative action

Kevin Flynn
Rocky Mountain News
Denver, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” Colorado becomes the first state to reject an initiative being pushed across the country that would have eliminated race- and gender-based affirmative action programs by voting down Amendment 46.

By a slim margin, voters turned down the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative backed by California millionaire Ward Connerly and a local committee headed by Jessica Corry of the Golden-based Independence Institute.

Connerly’s initiative had passed 10 years ago in California and since then has passed in Washington, Michigan and Nebraska. He intends to take it to other states in an effort to end affirmative action programs.

Results remained too close to call election night and throughout Wednesday, but returns have continued to pile up and the slender lead widened for the “no” side.

“I am incredibly proud an honored to have been part of the first campaign to defeat Connerly’s initiative,” said Melissa Hart, leader of the No on 46 campaign. “It’s a great testament to the people of Colorado that when they understood the truth about the initiative, they rejected it. Coloradans stand for equal opportunity.”

Corry wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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