Colorado woman accused of killing 2 husbands |

Colorado woman accused of killing 2 husbands

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Authorities say a Colorado woman accused of shooting and killing her husband last year is responsible for the death of her first husband, too.

Fifty-two-year-old Miriam Helmick is awaiting trial in the shooting death of her husband, Alan Helmick, who died last year in Whitewater. Prosecutors said in a motion this week that they’ll allege Helmick also shot and killed her first husband in Florida in 2002.

When Jack Calloway Giles died in the couple’s Jacksonville home, his death was ruled a self-inflicted gunshot.

Prosecutors will also argue that Helmick set fire to her father’s house in 2002. Helmick has not been formally charged in either of those crimes, and her lawyers will try to exclude evidence about her first husband.

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