Colorado woman will donate kidney to ex-mother-in-law |

Colorado woman will donate kidney to ex-mother-in-law

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado – When Julie Kochevar got a divorce, she remained close to her ex-mother-in-law – close enough to donate a kidney to her.

The 44-year-old Grand Junction woman will give 66-year-old Wanda Elsberry a kidney in an operation scheduled for late October in Denver.

Elsberry has kidney disease prompted by diabetes and high blood pressure. Without a replacement kidney, she would have to start dialysis treatments soon.

Elsberry says the waiting list for a kidney is four to five years in Colorado, and other family members who offered her an organ were not a match.

Kochevar then stepped up, and tests showed she was a good donor.

Elsberry says, “How do you tell someone thank you for that?”

Kochevar says that “pay-it-forward thing” is important to her.

Information from: The Gazette,

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