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A guide to Colorado’s fruit season

From peaches to apples, melons and berries

Josie Sexton
The Denver Post
Finally, peach season has arrived in Colorado.
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A century ago, the Montmorency cherry was a cash crop in Loveland, Colo. Today, Colorado Cherry Company co-owner Elias Lehnert says his fourth-generation family business’ name can be somewhat confusing.

“(Cherries) are not really grown in Colorado at scale anymore,” Lehnert lamented.

At the height of every fruit pie season, Lehnert and his family are searching the state for locally grown cherries, but they’ll often end up sourcing primarily from Utah and as far away as Michigan.

“When you find good Colorado cherries, get ’em and get ’em fast,” agreed Amy Kafka, owner of Garden Sweet in Fort Collins.

At Kafka’s 10-acre farm, fruits from strawberries to raspberries, melons and apples are nearing their August-September harvest. She and her family invite visitors each summer and fall to pick their own selection, whether for making pies at home or just for snacking.

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