Breckenridge warns people to keep trash from black bears coming out of hibernation |

Breckenridge warns people to keep trash from black bears coming out of hibernation

Eli Pace, Summit Daily News
While Colorado's drought has brought more bears into town, there's been at least adequate natural forage available.
Special to the Daily / Elissa Knox

Black bears are beginning to emerge from their winter hibernation, and Breckenridge has taken to reminding people to be aware of unkempt trash, as the animals have a habit of getting into it.

Most black bears in Colorado hibernate for about six months. It typically begins in the fall, and the bears wake up around April.

Breckenridge had a couple problems this winter with bears that didn’t hibernate and caused minor mayhem, but the town is now encouraging residents and guests alike to be careful to lock up stored trash in the proper containers, as more black bears are becoming active.

“It’s important for the health and safety of our bear population,” the town tweeted about people securing their trash.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife warns that black bears are curious, intelligent and resourceful. They will explore all possible food sources, and if found near someone’s home, the bears will often come back for more.

“Bears will work hard to get the calories they need, and can easily damage property, vehicles, and homes,” the state wildlife agency warns, adding that any bears that become aggressive in pursuit of an easy meal usually have to be destroyed.

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