CDC recommends majority of Colorado counties mask up based on COVID-19 cases |

CDC recommends majority of Colorado counties mask up based on COVID-19 cases

Federal agency makes recommendation after delta variant linked to more ‘breakthrough’ cases

Meg Wingerter
The Denver Post
A shopper pushes her basket filled with purchases past a sign advising the need to wear face masks on May 19 while in a Safeway grocery store in Aurora.
David Zalubowski/AP

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Tuesday that vaccinated people wear masks in indoor public places in counties with “high” or “substantial” spread of COVID-19 — which includes the majority of Colorado.

The CDC defines substantial transmission as 50 or more cases per 100,000 people over the last week. About 60% of U.S. counties are above that threshold, officials said.

According to the CDC’s data tracker, 38 Colorado counties have that level of spread. State data shows a few more places could be affected, with 41 counties having case rates at least that high as of Monday afternoon.

In general, counties on the Front Range and in the western half of the state were more likely to meet the mask threshold than those on the Eastern Plains, but no region was entirely free of hot spots.

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