Conservative group backing Colorado’s national popular vote measure fueled by out-of-state money, tied to Democrats

An issue committee called Conservatives for Yes on National Popular Vote is running ads in Colorado to persuade Republicans to support their effort to change the way the U.S. elects presidents. 

“We are a group of conservatives … from both Colorado and from across the country who believe that the candidate who gets the most votes should be the president,” said Dennis Lennox, campaign manager for Conservatives for Yes on National Popular Vote.

But the group also has ties to Democrats and is backed by dark, out-of-state money, Colorado campaign finance records analyzed by The Colorado Sun show. 

Most of the money powering the organization comes from a Minnesota nonprofit whose donors are untraceable. The rest of its funding comes from Yes on National Popular Vote, a Colorado issue committee that is run and financed in large part by Democrats.

Conservatives for Yes on National Popular Vote also doesn’t appear to have the support of any prominent Colorado Republicans, as the group’s campaign manager refused to name any conservative supporters in the state.

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