Crowds grow at Denver International Airport: “Surprising how full the planes are” |

Crowds grow at Denver International Airport: “Surprising how full the planes are”

Jon Murray, Denver Post
Passengers wait in security lines as they travel through Denver International Airport on July 7, 2020.
Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

Getting through security is a breeze. The terminal and concourses are still eerily quiet for long stretches of the day. And strange times have brought new amenities, including vending machines and kiosks that sell face masks.

But for all the signs of the coronavirus pandemic’s continuing disruption of air travel, crowds are quickly growing inside Denver International Airport — and aboard planes — as more people venture farther from home this summer.

“It’s actually surprising how full the planes are,” said Brieanna Martinez, as she waited with her two young children on Concourse B this week for a connecting United flight back home to Washington state. “Because we’ve had so many flights that were canceled, you would think they wouldn’t be as full as they are. Almost every seat was taken, (including) the majority of the middle ones.”

A tentative, partial air-travel rebound is well underway, even as daily COVID-19 case counts grow in several states, including Colorado. Those trends introduce plenty of uncertainty — and just this week, United Airlines, which relies heavily on still-depressed business travel, announced tens of thousands of job cuts as it prepares for potential hiccups ahead.

While the United-dominated Concourse B was sparsely populated at DIA Tuesday afternoon amid a lull in flights, it was a different story over on Concourse C.

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