Denver continues to be LinkedIn, drawing workers away from major metros |

Denver continues to be LinkedIn, drawing workers away from major metros

ALDO SVALDI | The Denver Post

More than 155 million U.S. workers have a profile on LinkedIn, and every month more than 3 million jobs are posted on the social media platform, providing it with a huge trove of information on where workers are relocating.

Workers typically change their home city on the platform when they relocate for a new job, giving the company insights into where people are moving to and from.

Denver is still winning the battle with most other major metros when it comes to drawing more workers than it is losing, according to the LinkedIn Workforce Report for May.

Chicago, New York and San Francisco are sending workers in Denver’s direction at the highest rates of any metros this year. Denver is also a popular relocation site for workers from Washington, D.C., Dallas, Boston, Houston and Minneapolis.

With New York and San Francisco, there is a high volume of back-and-forth movement with Denver, probably because young adults move there and realize they can’t afford to stay there. But Chicago is more of a one-way street of people heading out, even though it has lower home prices than Denver.

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