Gov. Jared Polis wants to “get to the bottom” of Colorado’s drone mystery |

Gov. Jared Polis wants to “get to the bottom” of Colorado’s drone mystery

A farmhouse sits abandoned on County Road 24 in Yuma County on May 1, 2017. Law enforcement officials say they are stumped by nocturnal drone flights over Yuma and Phillips counties in northeast Colorado.
RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said Thursday he wants to “get to the bottom” of the ongoing drone mystery in rural northeast Colorado even as reports of the unmanned aircraft continue nightly.

“I’m actively monitoring the reports of drone sightings in eastern Colorado and share the expressed concerns of law enforcement and local residents,” Polis said in a statement Thursday, 10 days after mysterious drone sightings were first reported by The Denver Post.

The drones — estimated to have six-foot wingspans — were first reported in Phillips and Yuma counties and since been reported in nine counties across Colorado and Nebraska. They seem to typically fly in groups of six to 10, authorities said, and are usually spotted after sunset and before midnight.

At least 17 drones have been in the air at one time, according to the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office, which tracked the drones one night in mid-December.

No one has taken responsibility for the drones, and authorities are stumped: The Federal Aviation Administration has no information on the flights, and a wide variety of agencies and companies have said the drones don’t belong to them.

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