Gypsum teen charged in father’s death |

Gypsum teen charged in father’s death

GYPSUM — A 13 year old Gypsum boy is being charged with murder in his father’s death.

The boy was arrested and advised late Monday that he will be charged with first degree murder, said Lt. Mike McWilliam, Undersheriff with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The teen is not being named pending notification of next of kin and because of his age.

The saga began Wednesday, April 30 when the victim, the boy’s father, was scheduled to meet with Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies to discuss a graffiti investigation that allegedly involved the boy. The father didn’t show up.

Early Monday morning the father’s employer contacted the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. The employer told deputies that the son had called in, several days in a row, stating that his father was ill and would not be at work.

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McWilliam said it seemed suspicious, so deputies stopped by their home to make sure everything was OK.

It wasn’t.

Monday morning around 11:30 a.m., when a deputy stopped by their Gypsum home, the boy answered the door and told deputies that his 50-year-old father was dead in the residence.

McWilliam said there is no reason for parents to be concerned for their children’s

safety, since the suspect is in custody.

After the boy was advised Monday afternoon by District Court Judge Fred Gannett, he was transferred to the Mount View Youth Services Center in Jefferson County.

That’s the nearest juvenile jail to Eagle County, and is where Eagle County and several other Colorado counties jail juvenile inmates.

The cause of death won’t be officially determined until after the autopsy is completed later today, said Kara Bettis, Eagle County coroner.

Authorities said there were several different kinds of weapons in the house.

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