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Hearing to continue murder case for teen

What’s next?

The next court hearing in District Judge Fred Gannet’s court is set for June 2 at 2 p.m.

EAGLE — A Gypsum teen who allegedly killed his father last month will continue to be held at a youth detention facility in Jefferson County.

The youth, whose name this newspaper isn’t publishing because of his age, allegedly shot his father, Joseph Kelly, on or around April 30. That was the day the boy and Kelly were set to meet with police regarding a graffiti incident.

According to police, the youth then spent several days home alone with his father’s body before officers came to the home on May 5.

The youth allegedly called the father’s workplace several days in a row, reporting the man as sick in bed. When officers went to the home for a “welfare check,” they discovered the body and the boy, who was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Monday was the boy’s second appearance in District Judge Fred Gannett’s courtroom. The public section of the room was not quite half-full, with the audience including his mother and people from the boy’s school.

Gannett thanked those in the audience for attending, but also admonished those in the gallery to remain quiet during proceedings. He also told those present that there won’t be much to see during the hearings.

“Most of the hard work is done outside this room,” Gannett said.

That was the case Monday, as Gannett, attorneys and others met outside the courtroom for about 45 minutes before the hearing began. Once back inside the courtroom, Gannett ruled on a handful of motions that have already been filed in the case.

The biggest issue Monday was whether the boy will continue to be held at Mount View. He will, with Gannett ruling that he presents a “danger to himself or others.”

Gannett also cautioned attorneys on both sides of the case not to discuss the case with anyone else, although he did not issue a “gag order.”

Attorney Dana Christiansen, who’s representing the youth through the Colorado Public Defender’s office, asked Gannett to seal any records that might be created as the young suspect is evaluated at the youth detention facilities.

Gannett said no evaluations have yet been ordered that might apply to the case; the only such work being done right now is what is normally done at Mount View. Still, he said, he would keep those documents sealed pending his own review.

Gannet said given the seriousness of the crime, there will surely be a lot of hearings. Those hearings will be held on Mondays, in the afternoons after the rest of that day’s juvenile cases have been heard. The next hearing is set for June 2 at 2 p.m.

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