Libertarian Doane campaigns for smaller government, equitable taxes |

Libertarian Doane campaigns for smaller government, equitable taxes

Libby Stanford, Summit Daily News
Libertarian Raymon Doane will run against Gaylon Kent in the June 30 libertarian primary election for U.S. Senate.
Courtesy of Raymon Doane

If elected to the U.S. Senate, Libertarian Raymon Doane wants to create equitable taxes and reduce the size of the government. 

Doane has run for public office multiple times. In 2016, he ran as republican for Colorado State Senate when he lost to Angela Williams. In 2018, he lost the House of Representatives race to Rep. Diana DeGette. This time around, he will be up against Libertarian Gaylon Kent in the June 30 primary election. If he wins the primary, he will face incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner and the winner of the democratic primary. 

Doane is focusing his campaign on four key issues: national defense, better business, immigration and self defense. 

A Denver native, Doane graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He now works as a business analyst for the Colorado Department of Revenue. His work in the Department of Revenue has influenced his view on taxes. As senator, he would like to create more equitable taxes.

“When you make a system that’s super complicated that actually disenfranchises people, the poor, and continues to enable the rich,” he said. “I want to make sure that an equitable tax actually is created and it doesn’t play favor to any one side.”

Doane said he also wants to create stricter term limits for congress members. 

“You really don’t gain representation when you allow (congress members)  to have a stranglehold over their cohorts in the legislature,” he said. 

As a libertarian, Doane believes that everyone has the right to bear arms. Recent protests nationwide of the killing of George Floyd is evidence that people don’t trust the government to keep them safe, he said. 

“I’m a big advocate for the Second Amendment,” he said. “I know that police officers are not necessarily always going to come to my aid or they may be individuals who will try to harm me.”

Doane said he stands with the people protesting Floyd’s killing. He also supports ending the war on drugs, ending qualified immunity and the federal legalization of marijuana. 

“I do definitely support Black Lives Matter. My life does matter,” he said. 

To support communities through the novel coronavirus pandemic, Doane said he believes congress should provide another round of stimulus checks. 

“The package was definitely favored towards corporations rather than people,” he said. “If another stimulus is to go out, it should not be $1,200, that is way too small. There should not be any disqualifiers. I think it should just be a flat out amount.”

Doane also said he would prefer if mandates from the state and local level, such as public health orders and executive orders form Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, were guidance or suggestions.

“For the most part, I think people would’ve heeded the suggestions just as well as they did the mandates because they feared for their lives,” he said. 

When it comes to addressing the economic consequences of the virus in resort communities like Summit County, Doane said “the best way to do it is to encourage people to go to the resort counties.”

“(I) would definitely work with state governments to see what additional aid would be provided,” he said. “See about small business administration, see about small business loans.”

Doane said he sides with the libertarian party to give people another option from the traditional democrat and republican system. 

“It really moves beyond affiliation,” he said. “Everybody has their own goals in mind. The difference is whether or not you want to see people thrive or you want to see people suffer. In this particular instance, as a libertarian, I want to see people thrive.” 

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