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Possible wolf sighting reported in Grand County

Sky-Hi News Staff Report
A wolf sighting was reported in Grand County on June 6, though officials say more work is needed to confirm the animal's identity.
Courtesy Jessica Freeman, CPW

Two groups of campers in Grand County reported seeing a “large wolf-like animal” near their campsites earlier this month.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that over the weekend from June 6-7, a possible wolf was in very close proximity to the two campsites. However, officials said that an animal approaching humans so blatantly is atypical wolf behavior, so additional work is needed to confirm the animal’s identity.

Wildlife officers and biologists responded to the area to gather biological evidence that could be used to confirm the presence of a wolf rather than a coyote, lost or escaped domestic dog or domestic wolf-hybrid. Local animal control officials confirmed to CPW that there were no missing hybrids in the area.

Additional searches and monitoring of the area will continue and more information will be provided when available, CPW said.

Wildlife managers are also working to confirm a credible wolf sighting in the Laramie River Valley in Larimer County. If a wolf or wolves are confirmed in Larimer County, they would be the furthest east in Colorado in nearly a century, CPW added.

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