Seasonal hiring sputtering for restaurants, resorts across Colorado |

Seasonal hiring sputtering for restaurants, resorts across Colorado

Restaurants push for more federal aid, jobless data adjusted due to fraud and more

Tamara Chuang
The Colorado Sun
Tavern West owner Bob Kato wipes off the dust left from the winter season inside the restaurant Monday, May 24, 2021, in Frisco.
Hugh Carey/The Colorado Sun

It’s opening weekend for Colorado businesses that hire seasonal summer workers. But many industries that do are still in desperate need of help, including construction companies, hotels and, especially, restaurants.

Bob Kato, who operates two restaurants in Frisco, shared his dire-straits details with me for a story published earlier this week. He still needed four to five more people for the kitchen at Island Grill at the Frisco Bay Marina. Without them, the place will probably have to close on some days during the busy summer season.

But the seasonal labor shortage in his community has more to do with the scarcity of housing for workers. Houses and rentals snapped up by out-of-area buyers before and during the pandemic have left seasonal staff with few affordable options.

“That’s what’s driving a lot of employees out of here,” Kato said. “I’ve got a bartender that’s thinking about leaving and she makes really good money. Her rent’s coming up and she doesn’t know if she wants to spend another year (paying) exorbitant rents.”

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