Vail closes lifts as it begins winding down season |

Vail closes lifts as it begins winding down season

Highline, Mongolia, Earl’s lifts stop running on Monday

Lift No. 22 did not open until the second week of February this year, and closed for the season on Monday, March 29. Vail has recorded 221 inches of snow during the 2020-21 season. The mountain averages 350.
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Vail Mountain began winding down for the season on Monday, closing lift Nos. 10, 22, 24 and 38.

Lift No. 22, the Mongolia surface lift, is the only closed lift which can not be accessed from another, still-open area. That lift had a short run this season; it did not open until the second week of February.

Chair No. 10, the Highline Express, is the eastern-most lift on the front side of Vail Mountain, a four-person chairlift servicing black and double black diamond terrain on the Highline and Blue Ox runs. Those runs can still be accessed by guests exiting China Bowl via Chair No. 21, although Lift No. 24, the Wapiti surface lift, is no longer available to connect between China Bowl and the top of Highline.

Roger’s Run, which connects to Chair No. 11, the Northwoods Express, is recommended to guests who reach the top of Chair No. 10 from China Bowl.

Skiers and snowboarders who opt for Highline or Blue Ox will find themselves on the eastern end of Vail’s front side, and will need to use the long (and sometimes painful) Brisk Walk road from the bottom of Chair No. 10 to egress the mountain via Golden Peak.

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Blue Sky, Cascade still open

Blue Sky Basin also Closed early on Monday, but that was due to high winds.

Typically, Vail begins ramping down for the season two weeks before the end of the year by closing lifts that can be accessed from other places. Vail is slated to close on April 18 after Vail Resorts earlier this month extended the season by a week.

The top of Chair No. 10 can be accessed from the top of Chair No. 14, and the top of Chair No. 38, Earl’s Express in Blue Sky Basin, can be accessed from the top of Chair No. 37, the Skyline Express.

Another chair which often closes early at Vail is Chair No. 26, the Pride Express, near the mountain’s western boundary on the front side. The top of the Pride Express can be accessed from the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola, No .19.

But as Chair No. 26 allows a connection from No. 20, the Cascade Chair, that chair opened early this season to offer guests a different portal from which they can access the mountain, allowing for more distancing opportunity during the pandemic year. Chairs 20 and 26 were still running on Monday.

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