Why a global fight over airplane manufacturing is affecting wine lists in Colorado restaurants

Nate Klatt, his wife and a college friend had built up a small but good business selling imported wine to Colorado restaurants and wine stores. And then the troubles began.

First, in October, a 25% federal tariff was imposed on imports of French, German and Spanish wines as part of a dispute over European airplane sales. Klatt called it “crippling,” as those vintages are the heart of the business at his Denver-based Harvest Wine Co.

Then the novel coronavirus pandemic closed all restaurants – 60% of Harvest Wine’s customers. “That was a body blow,” 46-year-old Klatt said. 

Now, the U.S. Trade Representative is considering raising the wine tariff to 100% and extending it to all European Union countries.

“That would be the final nail in the coffin,” Klatt said.

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