Colorado’s Bennet criticizes "backroom deals" in health bill |

Colorado’s Bennet criticizes "backroom deals" in health bill

DENVER, Colorado – Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet is criticizing “backroom deals” made to ensure the passage of the health care bill but the Democrat says he will still vote for the legislation.

In a speech on the Senate floor on Monday, Bennet said the public option was “held hostage” by people within his own party and that he doesn’t support rewarding delays with “special deals.”

He didn’t name any names but some Democratic moderates won concessions by initially withholding support for the bill. Nebraska Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson, for example, gained restrictions on abortion and millions in extra Medicaid dollars for his state.

Bennet praised other parts of the bill, including tax breaks for small businesses and a provision that would close the prescription drug loophole.

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