Colorado’s Motet gets the Agave crowd moving |

Colorado’s Motet gets the Agave crowd moving

John Scheid
Daily Correspondent
Vail CO Colorado

For more than 10 years, The Motet has managed to attract and foster some of Colorado’s most talented musicians. The diverse array of members are as involved in the national music scene as any group could hope to be. These musicians consistently deliver sound performances and Thursday night’s show at Agave was no exception. Seven of the Motet’s 11-piece rotating roster combined forces to generate big brass sound, resonating riffs and rhythmic beats at the show.

As the house steadily filled, The Motet’s sound gained momentum. The crowd’s energy mimicked the musician’s onstage liveliness. Garrett Sayers on bass offered a constant funk supply through string slapping and intricate bass lines. Denver-based trumpeter Gabe Mervine accompanied saxophonist Matt Pitts in the brass section with billowed cheeks and coordinated orchestration. The band performed songs from its recent release, “Dig Deep,” (the band’s sixth album) and some modified covers. The crowd appreciated the energetic performance, offering up applause and fervent dancing in return.

The Boulder-based group’s Colorado history runs deep and its member’s side projects extend into various musical communities throughout the country. Motet founder Dave Watts contributes his incessant drumming to groups such as Juno What?!, Magicgravy and Herbie Hancock Tribute. Staple sax player Dominic Lalli is part of the unstoppable Big Gigantic, and all of Motet’s members contribute to the local music scene by performing at venues such as Meadowlark, Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, and the Bluebird Theater.

Fans can expect more material from this collection’s new and old members as they show no signs of slowing down. With the release of “Dig Deep” and constant musical development through Motet collaborations and side projects, the impressive cast of musicians is constantly growing and ever-progressive in their commitment to their craft. A true testament to Colorado music, The Motet’s Agave performance authenticated the groups dedication to artistic innovation and musical development.

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