Colorado’s U.S. Senate race may be over |

Colorado’s U.S. Senate race may be over

DENVER, Colorado ” The Republican National Senatorial Committee said Friday it will stop buying ads next week for Colorado Senate candidate Bob Schaffer, who trailed Democrat Mark Udall by 14 points in a recent poll.

Schaffer’s campaign said he still has plenty of cash on hand and insisted the race is still close. Udall’s camp said the pullout shows the RNSC ads backfired.

Udall led Schaffer 54 percent to 40 percent in Quinnipiac University poll taken Oct. 8-12 and released Oct. 14.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said earlier this week it would stop buying ads for Udall. Spokesman Matthew Miller said the committee doesn’t comment on its decisions, “but we believe Mark Udall is in a very strong position to win this race.”

Schaffer campaign manager Dick Wadhams said the RNSC probably decided it didn’t need to stay if the Democrat group had pulled out.

“Our tracking shows this race is in single digits with a large body of undecided voters still out there,” Wadhams said.

Udall campaign spokeswoman Tara Trujillo said it was significant that the Republican committee is pulling back when it could have dominated TV time with the Democrats already withdrawing.

“So that tells me the NRSC found out the hard way that not only have their ads backfired and turned off voters, but that Coloradans are standing with Mark Udall,” she said.

Udall and Schaffer are vying to replace Republican Wayne Allard, who is retiring.

The Republican Senate committee has been one of Schaffer’s strongest allies, spending over $3.5 million on his behalf.

The National Republican Congressional Committee confirmed this week that it had canceled television ads planned next week for Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, who’s in a tight race with Democrat Betsy Markey.

A committee spokesman declined to say why.

Musgrave’s campaign said it showed the committee is confident she will win. Markey’s spokesman said it was a sign that Musgrave ads attacking the Democrat had backfired.

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