Colors of CoMa comes to Karats |

Colors of CoMa comes to Karats

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Metalsmithing often bring images of blackened steel and dark forms to mind but this weekend’s Colorado Metalsmithing Association’s “Colors of CoMA” show will dispel those notions as bright blasts of color illuminate the jewelry and sculpture on exhibit at Karats in Vail Village. Karats, a working studio gallery, will host the Color’s of CoMA show today and Sunday. Karats owner, Dan Telleen is a member of CoMA and is thrilled to host the show.

“CoMA brought artists up to Vail throughout last summer for the Vail Farmer’s Market, but this the largest CoMA exhibition we’ve had at Karats,” he said. “We are thrilled to have over a dozen artists from all over Colorado showing all kinds of colorful work.”

Telleen worked with CoMa Gallery Chairman, Lexi Erickson (also co-founder of the Coyote Creek Co-operative in Fairplay) to bring this special experience to Vail.

“The name, ‘The Colors of CoMA,’ was a result of a trip up to Vail,” Erickson said. “I thought about the beauty of the valley with all the wildflowers and how Mother’s Nature’s paintbrush colors the area so brilliantly. I thought about having a show of brightly colored jewelry, showcasing our enamelists, and artists who use resin, patinas, and very bright stones.”

The Colorado Metalsmithing Association was founded 15 years ago as an educational and outreach organization for artists working in metal. CoMA brings in world reknown metalsmiths who give lectures and demonstrations about their techniques and philosophies. The Karats “Colors of CoMA” show is one of four large-scale show opportunities each year for CoMA members to participate in and share their art with the public.

In addition to the two-day “Colors of CoMA” show at Karats, this weekend marks the kickoff of CoMA’s presence at the Vail Famer’s Market this summer. CoMA will have a tent at each market and will invite two artists to show their work each week. Richard Sweetman, CoMA’s workshop and events coordinator and an artist, likes that CoMA artists have a shot getting their art out into the open.

“This summer I am pairing the lesser experienced artists with the more experienced ones so they can see how to set up, create presentations and generally get a feel for how the market works,” he said.

Telleen the event revolves around creating opportunity.

“For many of these artists this is the first time they can showcase their art in Vail,” he said.

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