Comedian Bryan Kellen coming to Back Bowl in Eagle |

Comedian Bryan Kellen coming to Back Bowl in Eagle

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

EAGLE, Colorado – Comedian Bryan Kellen calls himself an “adversity magnet,” which in his line of work, is all one could hope for.

“I’m in a lot of uncomfortable situations,” Kellen said during a recent phone interview. And like some of the best comedians, Kellen mines those situations for his best on-stage fodder.

“A lot of my bits are cartoons of a real story. Everything is true, just really, really animated,” said Kellen, a regular at Denver’s Comedy Works who returns to the Back Bowl in Eagle Saturday for Comedy Night.

Attendees at Saturday’s show should be prepared for a very high-energy, animated show. Kellen is known for using his rubbery body to mimic everything from a drunk woman falling off a barstool to a dinosaur.

In a skit on YouTube, Kellen talks about dating.

“People always said to me, ‘Hey, you’re never going to find your perfect match at a club.’ That’s why I went to clubs. I don’t want to find my perfect match. I’m a wiry guy with a long nose. My perfect match is a teradactyl,” he said, as he moved around the stage doing his immitation of a large, gangly dinosaur while making high-pitched noises. “Oh my God, she looks just like me. I want to kill myself.”

In real life, Kellen is married to a “Latino babe,” he said.

“My wife is stereotypical Hispanic. I’m very Anglo. We’re not very much the same person. That’s a sitcom in itself,” he said. “Ninety-nine percent of the stuff I do about my wife usually goes over pretty well with her, but occasionally she’ll happen to be in the crowd and she’ll say, ‘You know what? That one did not get clearance from me.'”

Kellen has been anointed “one of the funniest up and coming comics in America” by the National Comedy Hall of Fame and one of the country’s top 100 comedians by Entertainment Business Journal. Kellen is also a former winner of the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and the Laugh Across America series. He regularly opens for comedian George Lopez and last year Bill Bellamy, the host of Last Comic Standing, picked Kellen out during a stop in Denver looking for talent for the show. Kellen traveled to Tempe, Ariz. for the quarterfinals and got chosen to move on to Las Vegas with 30 people, but for “whatever reason” he was cut over the phone, a week before Vegas, he said.

“After a while I thought, ‘Well, if I’m going to get cut, it might as well be by myself, and not on TV,'” he said.

As a kid, Kellen was always an “over-the-top goofy” guy, he said.

“My comedy has no significant message in it, no life-changing story,” he said. “It’s pretty much me being a goofy guy. I’m pretty clean. But on the other side, I do a lot of work with (George) Lopez, and I use more of my saucier stuff when I work with him.”

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