Comedian Craig Shoemaker performs in Beaver Creek |

Comedian Craig Shoemaker performs in Beaver Creek

Special to the DailyComedian Craig Shoemaker returns to Beaver Creek's Vilar Center for the Performing Arts, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Tickets are $40.

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado – Comedian Craig Shoemaker has something good for what ails you.

Shoemaker is among the hottest comedians today and he’s playing Tuesday in the Vilar Performing Arts Center. He launched the Laughter Heals Foundation ( dedicated to the idea that people would feel better if they laughed more.

For example:

Q: What did the Zen master say to the hot dog vendor?

A: Make me one with everything.

Admit it, that joke just made you feel better than any Eastern mystic religion.

“We want to alleviate the ills of the world one laugh at a time and spread the light of humor to everyone,” Shoemaker said.

The Lovemaster rides again

You’ve seen Shoemaker at the Vilar before, and you remember that he was really funny. You’ve also seen him on Comedy Central, on DVDs and as the occasional backup singer. He’ll never be on of Gladys Knight’s Pips, but he’s pretty good.

He’s a husband and father of three, so he has plenty to draw from for his observational humor. Then there’s his Lovemaster routine.

“I’m still the Lovemaster, It doesn’t matter how many kids I have. I’m now the Lovemaster and the diaper master,” he told the Washington Examiner.

He has a marijuana-themed movie to his credit, “Totally Baked,” and a couple children’s books. Throw in sitcom writer, actor, game show host, radio show host, writer and co- host of the Magic Johnson Hour.

‘No planning went into any of my life,” Shoemaker said. “Anything that I did plan always failed.”

How all this started

He began doing impressions of co-workers and celebrities while working at a Philadelphia law firm.

Now he’s the American Comedy Awards Comedian of the Year, he has won two Emmy Awards, and Best Supporting Actor at the 2007 Elevate Film Festival.

His “Lovemaster” routine was voted Most Popular by XM Radio listeners, and that won him their Big Schtick Award. He Comedy Central special was voted one of the network’s Top 20.

He had his own syndicated radio show, which won the prestigious Communicator Award “Crystal” Prize. He wrote, produced and starred in the cult classic film “Totally Baked.”

On, you’ll find all things funny – pranks, gags, CDs, books, DVDs – all designed to make you feel better by making you laugh. In that forum, Laughter Heals, he combines two decades of stand up into a seminar designed to help you feel better, and heal, for people suffering from everything up to and including cancer and other life threatening diseases.

His new stand-up DVD and CD, “The Lovemaster… Unzipped” was in the Billboard Top 20 for six straight weeks.

Shoemaker Fun Facts:

• Craig co-hosted the Magic Hour with Magic Johnson and was taken off the couch in the middle of the show on day three, making television history.

• He toured with Ray Charles and Kenny Loggins. When Kenny was about to open the show at the Neil Simon Theater on Broadway, he was informed one of his singers was sick. Shoemaker did his stand-up and then came out on stage again to be one of Loggins’ backup singers.

• At Comic Relief 2006 (The 20th Anniversary), Craig got to co-host (with Wayne Brady) the portion from New Orleans.

• Shoemaker along with two childhood friends, created and developed the concept of playing professionally recorded advertising messages to callers waiting on hold. The company recently merged with another company (Audio Messaging Solutions) forming one of the largest on-hold messaging companies in the U.S. with over 30,000 locations.

• He formed the nonprofit group

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