Comeuppance served cold |

Comeuppance served cold

Don Rogers

Say good night, Karl Rove. Say goodbye, Don Rumsfeld. So much for smug assertions about staying a course these folks never should have taken in the first place.The Republicans finally fumbled away the U.S. House and Senate despite their considerable advantages in funding, ideological support, organization and ability to turn out their faithful to vote.Could Eagle County, once the relatively conservative bastion of Colorado’s ski communities, have possibly voted more Democratic?The local turnout for an off-year election was remarkable, record-setting, historic. Colorado as a whole hasn’t turned quite so hard left, but voters statewide kept in the same general direction. That’s probably the best thing that could have happened to the Republican Party, frankly. Maybe the party can patch up its leaky boat with a little more focus on historic principles and a lot less recklessness – fiscally as well as in nearly every other way.Moderate voters swung America left, a skosh. They’ll swing it back right in 2008 if the Dems behave as the Republicans did in power. Locally, the big winner was the power of clean, positive campaigning. Those evil, libelous postcards only helped Sara Fisher win her commissioner seat. Peter Buckley, whose positions just happen to align with the half-truth mailers in Avon, earned the fewest votes of seven candidates for the council. There’s a great message there. Vail, Colorado

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