Comic Howie Mandel headed to Beaver Creek |

Comic Howie Mandel headed to Beaver Creek

IF YOU GO ... What: Howie Mandel performs stand-up. When: Sunday, 7:30 p.m. Where: Vilar Performing Arts Center. Cost: Tickets starting at $88. Tickets:

Howie Mandel may just be the busiest man in show business.

Between acting, hosting and judging on reality television and performing standup, Mandel has plenty on his spinning plate, and he’s bringing that plate to Vail.

On Sunday, Mandel will visit the Vilar Performing Arts Center at Beaver Creek at 7:30 p.m. to perform standup comedy.

Comedian and reality television star Howie Mandel will perform at the Vilar on Sunday, Jan. 20.

“It’s totally improvisational,” Mandel said of the show. “It’s very in-the-moment, and it’s about what’s happening to me that day. My stuff is an escape from the world, from what you’re doing, from work and the news.”

Mandel notes that the show is so improvisational that he’s not even sure of what topics he’ll touch on yet. He will, however, have plenty to say about what’s happening at that very moment. His show, however, will contain no political material. It should also be noted that the show isn’t necessarily going to be family friendly.

After performing for so long, Mandel isn’t worried about improvising.

“I have a plethora of material and tools to pull from,” Mandel said. “I really look to go off the beaten path, and I think of it as a giant party and I’m the center of attention.”


A love of the game

While he’s a busy guy, Mandel refers to standup as his biggest passion.

“Standup is where I started,” Mandel said. “It’s a staple regardless of where you see me. It’s the only thing where there’s no editing, no marks to hit … and I get an immediate response from real people outside of L.A.”

Howie Mandel is well known as the host of the popular game show “Deal or No Deal.”

Mandel also jokes that while he hasn’t seen the show yet, he’s heard that he’s fantastic.

Mandel’s kicked off a successful career when a friend dared him to perform standup.

“I had no aspirations to do comedy or event to make a living in show business,” Mandel said. “The fact that 40 years later, I’m still being invited to places and people are still coming to see me is incredible.”

Mandel’s career has been a whirlwind, starting out in standup and moving into acting, such as in “St. Elsewhere,” “Gremlins” and most recently, “Small Shots.” Mandel has also notably hosted “Deal or No Deal for five seasons and has been a judge on “America’s Got Talent” for 13 seasons. Mandel also penned the book “Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me,” addressing his career and struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and ADHD. Finally, Mandel estimates that he performs roughly 200 standup shows each year—never going a week without performing at least once.

Mandel has also been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards for his work on “Deal or No Deal.”


A seasoned vet

With so many shows each year all over the country, Mandel may not be able to remember if he’s played at the Vilar before, but he is excited to play at the smaller venue.

“I’ll show up to a buffet if people want to listen to me,” Mandel said. “I like the intimacy of a small crowd and I like big rooms, too. I just like to be the center of attention.”

Mandel even noted that when he plays for massive crowds in bigger cities, he’ll often search for a small comedy club to drop by and perform at — sometimes unannounced, and he’ll enjoy every second even if “sometimes there are only six people in the room.”

“The fact that anyone would buy a ticket and see me doesn’t go over my head,” Mandel said. “I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to do this.”

Above it all, Mandel is grateful for his career and looks forward to bringing it to the valley.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Mandel said. “I’m most comfortable anywhere I’m behind the mic.”

Tickets for Mandel’s show can be purchased at and start at $88.

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