Coming to our senses |

Coming to our senses

At long last, the American electorate is coming to its senses. The culmination of the long Reagan revolution, goosed along the way by Newt Gingrich and realizing its zenith in W. Bush/Cheney, the conservative agenda became a neo-conservative agenda, tried to repeal Social Security, implemented a doctrine of pre-emptive war, condoned rendition and torture, suspended habeas corpus, continued the long process of de-regulation, outsourced government functions, often to cronies and replaced respected competent government officials with political lackies. It’s enough to make Andrew Jackson look like FDR.

The politics of spin no longer trump the politics of reality. We could have saved ourselves the trouble, but sometimes this is how we learn. If there’s one lesson to take from all this, it’s the importance of critical thinking, the kind of thinking where a person readily distinguishes the spin ” what we’d like the news to be ” from the reality ” what the news actually is and how and why it got there.

Demogogues of the American democracy have long practiced spin and have consistently asked us to suspend critical thinking. In its place, they’ve given us red state/blue state. But, our democracy only thrives when critical thinking is actually used by our citizens to see things for what they are, not what others want us to think they are.

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