Coming Up: It’s a shoot-out in Gypsum |

Coming Up: It’s a shoot-out in Gypsum

Vail, CO Colorado

See Vail Daily stories before they hit the street. Here’s a list of articles that will appear on in the coming days. The stories generally appear in the print edition the following day, though it’s all subject to change.

– NEWS: Local kids help hurricane victims in Florida.

– NEWS: What’s Eagle County’s fire danger?

– NEWS: Downvalley residents aren’t too old to play cowboy.

– OPINION: Columnist Muhammad Ali Hasan shares a letter he wrote for Newt Gingrich.

– ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: When we think of second homes, we think of those in the mountains. But there are a select few locals who own places in Denver. A place to getaway to the city from mountain life.

– NEWS: How do four TV stations make it in a county of only 40,000 people?

– NEWS: A cancer patient isn’t letting treatment slow him down.

– NEWS: There’s a hole in the county’s bus system and it’s in Edwards.

– OPINION: Web editor Austin Richardson says recycling is waste of time.

– ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Boots on Broadway, Eagle’s take off of Chicago’s Cows on Parade, showcases 12 6-foot cowboy boots on the streets of Eagle from June 23 to July 28. Then they get auctioned off.

– NEWS: Hospital volunteers give back to the community.

– ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Local artists paint violins to be auctioned off and raise funds for Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival.

– NEWS: What locals thinking about the immigration reform.

– ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Learn how to pack the perfect picnic for shows at the Ford Amphitheater.

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