Commissioner candidate to challenge incumbent |

Commissioner candidate to challenge incumbent

Mike Beltracchi

EDWARDS, Colorado – The first Republican jumped into the county commissioner’s race to challenge the Democratic incumbent.

Mike Beltracchi, 51, will challenge Democratic incumbent Jon Stavney for the District 2 seat, running roughly from Eagle to Edwards.

In his announcement, Beltracchi already drew a line in the sand over the county’s open space tax.

“I believe that the primary role of the county government should be to provide essential public services such as roads and bridges, busses and public safety. However, there is an Open Space Tax that is currently 17 percent of the county budget, a non-essential expense in a county where 83 percent of the land is public and will never be developed,” Beltracchi said. “Citizens should have a chance to vote on the Open Space Tax and I will work to ensure that the county government is not centered on narrow special interests which cost the taxpayer money.”

Stavney and the other two county commissioners have supported the county’s open space tax.

Beltracchi has been in the tourism business for 25 years. He moved to Edwards in 1993 and started Go West Tours, which he owned until 2000 when the company was sold and subsequently acquired by, where he currently works in group sales. He is also involved in creating digital marketing for several local businesses.

“The economy is a big issue for Eagle County and tourism is a big part of our economy,” Beltracchi said.

Beltracchi said he’s a strong supporter of education. He works with the Literacy Project teaching English as a Second Language at the Avon Library, and is a tutor at Berry Creek Middle School. He is currently studying Spanish at Colorado Mountain College, where he has studied Italian and French.

He was on the board at Meet The Wilderness and initiated the successful merger with SOS.

Beltracchi will seek the nomination to run for county commissioner at the Republican Caucus at Battle Mountain High School, scheduled for Feb. 7.

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