Commissioner will leave if hired in Eagle |

Commissioner will leave if hired in Eagle

EAGLE, Colorado – Jon Stavney is barely into his second, and final, term as an Eagle County commissioner. He may be leaving office soon.

Stavney, who was re-elected in November of last year, is one of three finalists to replace Eagle Town Manager Willy Powell.

If Stavney is offered the position, there’s no legal reason he couldn’t hold two jobs at once.

Eagle County Attorney Bryan Treu said there could be some business between the county and the town that might require Stavney to recuse himself.

“But we’ve had county employees on that board before without any problems,” Treu said. “It would be a little different with a commissioner.”

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But, Stavney said, he plans to quit his elected job if hired by the town, after a transition period.

Stavney said there are a couple of issues he wants to finish as a commissioner – particularly, finishing work on a proposed senior care facility in Eagle.

While he was just sworn in for a second term in early January, Stavney said the opportunity presented by the town job was too good to pass up.

“This is a job I’ve wanted since I first came to the community,” he said.

Stavney added that being an appointed, rather than elected, official, is simply a better career move. Beyond the significant pay raise, Stavney said he would be looking for another job in a couple of years, and that would probably require leaving the county.

Still, he just signed on for another four years.

“I’ve talked to people who have worked on my campaigns, and they’ve all been positive,” Stavney said.

“It’s awkward – I wish it was two years farther town the road,” he added. “But people make the decisions they have to for their families.”

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