Commissioners who will listen |

Commissioners who will listen

I am both a taxpayer and an Eagle County employee and I support Debbie Buckley and Dick Gustafson for county commissioners.

I have watch sadly as our current county commissioners have wasted our tax dollars. They have ignored the vote of the people to carry out pet projects. They are arrogant and have forgotten that they work for us not the other way around.

I now see Peter Runyon trying to distance himself from Arn Menconi. But I have watched and set in on meetings of our commissioners and until Runyon started his re-election campaign he agreed with Menconi on most issues.

If Menconi is the demon of bad decisions where was Runyon’s backbone to stand up for the interests of the taxpayers of Eagle County?

I know that I am tired of the direction our county is going. I want our government given back to the people.

I want our commissioners to truly care about those of us who live here in Eagle County. I want them to remain one of us, first and foremost, a citizen of Eagle County and not become above us as our current commissioners seem to feel they are.

I want commissioners, who believe that the citizens of Eagle County are able to run their own lives, make their own decisions and do not need the government to do that for them.

By electing both Debbie Buckley and Dick Gustafson we will finally have commissioners who will listen to the wishes of the citizens of Eagle County.

We will have responsible stewards of our tax dollars who will remember that it is our money not their personal bank account.

We will have transparency in our county government.

I know both Debbie Buckley and Dick Gustafson and given our vote they will be the leaders who make Eagle County our county ounce again.

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