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Community cleans up

Don Rogers

Estimates ranged from 800 to 1,100 volunteers cleaning up I-70 Saturday morning.The weather cooperated, more or less, edging toward less. But the snow upvalley held off until after those distinctive orange plastic bags were filled and lined up along the interstate. Chock up another successful cleanup for Eagle County residents, who turn out like the mailman each year to fill thousands of those orange bags and tidy up spring a bit where we all drive.In a way, it’s too bad, though. How is it we pick up some 45,000 pounds of litter every year, year after year? The litterbugs are regular as the rain. Well, more so, considering our droughtish years so far this century.That the turnout for this cleanup is terrific every time is a testament to organizer Caroline Bradford’s long reach and to all of us. What a great exercise in community service!The barbecue at 4 Eagle Ranch, the T-shirts and entertainment were great, too. Maybe we should do this twice a year instead of just once. You know, start spring with the cleanup and maybe finish fall in the same way.Sadly enough, you just know we’d find plenty to pick up in October, too.Beaver workSpeaking of cleanups, there’s an interesting one in store for Gore Creek. At least, we hope it’s in store.Seems a giant beaver bond near Vail Pass has about 180 dump-truck loads of road sand backed up behind the dam. Conservationists would like to scoop it out before it runs downstream, creating bigger problems for the gold medal fishery. All they need is $100,000 to fund the job. D.R. Vail, Colorado

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