Community Connections: Dogma’s Live It Group Training offers new approach to reaching fitness goals |

Community Connections: Dogma’s Live It Group Training offers new approach to reaching fitness goals

There’s a sign outside of Dogma Athletica in Edwards that says, “A one hour workout is only 4% of your day.” When you look at it like that, why aren’t you working out?

Dogma Athletica is on a mission to help those who are in a rut, uninspired or sitting on the fence get into a fitness routine that works for their lifestyle and their wellness goals.

Live It Group Training is the brainchild of Dogma owner and exercise physiologist Rod Connolly, who has trained and coached everyone from Olympic athletes to rock stars.

Live It Group Training improves metabolic conditioning, strength and posture, mobility and regeneration through three weekly classes consisting of teams of 12 people. Each block runs for six weeks and provides participants with a comprehensive nutrition plan, body composition testing and specialized coaching.

The response has been overwhelming so far. Laurie O’Connell of Edwards is a busy mom and business owner but makes time to take part in the Live It program. “This is comparable to Soul Cycle or Orange Theory in terms of intensity and results and it’s the best indoor fitness class, I would challenge, in Colorado. Rod is amazing,” O’Connell said.

Gina Sege moved here from San Francisco and says that she’s been looking for a class for over a year that is challenging but well thought out by someone who understands the body and transforming the body. “Rod has been able to really put together strength, flexibility and inner core strength. He really understands that,” Sege said.

Connolly invited me to participate in this inaugural session. I have to admit, I am one of those people who say that I’ll work out “when I have more time”. That time span equals weeks, then months, and eventually years. Those years of fitness lost is what can damage us in more ways than one.

Connolly shared the story of a client who had a movement assessment and consultation five years ago. He was about to start a fitness program, but decided the timing didn’t work with his family or job. They met about a year ago and did a similar consultation and looked at labs from his doctor’s office. In those four years, he’d gained weight, had increased inflammatory enzymes, elevated triglycerides and four years of not feeling good. He has now dropped 10 pounds and is energized, confident and more engaged with his family and business.

What if he would have started the fitness program 5 years ago? What are you waiting for?

There’s a sign when you leave Dogma that says, “Live it”. It’s a constant reminder of why you just did that workout for yourself and the possibilities that lie ahead.

For more information on Live It Group Training, call 970-688-4433 and ask for Kali or Michelle.

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