Community rallying to help Dotsero fire victims

Bob Silva | Eagle County Sheriff's Office

To help

• Charitable donations can be made any Wells Fargo location in Eagle County.

• For information about the Gypsum Creek Middle School efforts, call 970-328-8980, or email PTO president Sam Gale at

• Gift cards are their preferred method of giving.

• Donations of clothing and other items can be made at Gypsum Creek Middle School.

Salas family

Pant sizes

Dad: 34 inches by 32 inches

Mom: 6 (Medium)

13 year old boy: 28”

4 yr old girl: 4

Shirt sizes

Dad: Large

Mom: Medium

Boy: Boys 16 or Small Men

Girl: 4


Dad: 10

Mom: 8

Boy: 7

Girl: 11

Villegas family


Dad: 32 inches by 32 inches

Boy: 3 or 4T


The females in the family do not wear pants, only longer skirts or dresses

Mom: 8/10

12 year old girl: 14/16 girls or small womens/junior.


Dad: 15.5 or Medium

Mom: Medium

12 year old girl: 14/16 girls or small junior

3 year old boy: 3T or 4T


Dad: 8 ½

Mom: 6 ½

Girl: 6 ½

Boy: 8 kids

Toddler Pull-Ups needed

DOTSERO — Two local families lost everything in Tuesday’s fires, and local organizations are scrambling to help.

Gypsum Creek Middle School’s parent teacher organization is spearheading efforts to get the families back on their feet. Children from both families attended Gypsum Creek Middle School.

“We are encouraging the GCMS community to donate gift cards so the families can pick up essential items, rather than receive donations that they don’t have anywhere to put,” said Samantha Gale, president of Gypsum Creek’s PTO.

Gypsum Creek’s front office staff is already accepting donations, Gale said.

One of the families also lost all their vehicles.

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One of the families is staying with relatives in the neighborhood, but both will need to find housing.

“Anything our school community can do will be appreciated by these two families,” Gale said.

No one was injured when the fire leveled the two mobile homes in the Dotsero mobile home park.

A woman and her grandson had been out for a walk for about half an hour when a neighbor spotted smoke roiling from under their mobile home and called 911.

The fires jumped from the home where they started and spread to the home directly to the east, pushed by winds from the southwest gusting up to 20 mph.

Firefighters contained the fire to those two homes. The Dotsero park is home to 70 mobile homes.

The plume of smoke was visible from Gypsum, five miles away.

Residents were evacuated from their homes, not being allowed back in until Tuesday evening.

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