Company plans to camoflage Basalt cell towers |

Company plans to camoflage Basalt cell towers

BASALT ” Basalt’s “B Hill” might sprout an instant forest of fake trees later this year.

The hill has been identified by Sprint/Nextel as a critical link in its cell service network. The company wants to place cell towers on the hill to help improve service along Highway 82. Property owner Guido Meyer has agreed to lease the hilltop. Now the company needs town government approval.

B Hill draws its name from the “B” for Basalt that’s often spelled out in whitewashed rock on the hillside. (It’s faded a bit right now.) The isolated hump is on the eastern edge of the Elk Run subdivision.

Because B Hill is so visible, Sprint/Nextel proposed limiting the size of its towers and camouflaging them. The antennas will be plastered with plastic pine tree branches to shield them and, the company says, allow them to blend into the natural surroundings.

An earlier proposal for antennas up to 30 feet high was rejected. Planning commission members said a faux tree that tall would draw attention because it would tower over anything else the hill.

Commission members delayed a decision until July 3 to give the public an additional chance to comment.

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