Company presents plan for Buck Creek in Avon |

Company presents plan for Buck Creek in Avon

What about town hall?

As the town of Avon shifts its attention from an effort to move town hall to an effort to bring a joint public safety facility to town, some may be wondering, “what about town hall?”

At Monday’s town hall meeting, where the joint public safety idea was officially presented, the discussion did, inevitably, turn back to town hall as Avon Police Deputy Chief Greg Daly talked about the department’s current set-up at town hall.

“It’s pretty cramped conditions,” he said. “For those that have come in, from a public perspective, to even come into our front area, it’s a very small, cramped hallway, and we’ve got police officers coming in and out, victims of crimes who we’re trying to deal with, it’s not the greatest of buildings, but we don’t complain.”

Mayor Jennie Fancher says the talk of moving town hall, and the idea to form an ad hoc committee to examine a possible new location in the Skier Building on Mikaela Way, is on hold for now.

“It was really clear after the election that we should not even talk about relocating or building or doing anything with town hall until we have a space needs analysis completed (on the current town hall building),” she said. “We really decided not to do anything, or think about the Skier Building, until that space needs analysis is complete ... we’re expecting that to take about 90 days, and I believe the RFP has gone out for us to hire the right person to analyze that.”

AVON — In a quick and cordial town hall meeting Monday, developers NexCore Group presented plans to bring a 47,000-square-foot healthcare facility to Buck Creek parcel Lot 1A on the north side of town.

Adjacent to that lot, development plans for Buck Creek parcel Lot 1B were also discussed, although, as that’s soon to be the Eagle River Fire Protection District’s public land, it was made clear that NexCore will not be involved in 1B, and that project has much public process yet to go through.

“Our building, what we’re proposing … is going to be a three-story health-care facility with parking underneath and a two-level garage as well,” NexCore Group managing director Todd Varney told the audience of 20 or so Avon residents and stakeholders. “We plan on, with the town’s approval, proceeding on a fast-track basis. … It’s very important for us to start early summer in order to meet some of the needs of our prospective clients.”


The first step for NexCore, the owners of Lot 1B, was to acquire Lot 1A from its current owners, the Eagle River Fire Protection District, who would prefer Lot 1B for a joint-use fire and police building on that site. At Monday’s meeting, Avon town attorney Eric Heil explained how the town of Avon is involved in the deal, and some of the dollar amounts involved.

“In order for the fire district to sell Lot 1A (to NexCore) for $3.5 million and purchase 1B (from NexCore) for $1.5 million, there’s about an $825,000 payoff to their financier, the bank, and because of the town’s interest in pursuing a joint facility, we’ve been in discussions about how the town could possibly partner and help out with that financial gap and pursue a partnership with the fire district,” Heil explained. That $825,000 will be loaned to the fire district by the town of Avon, according to the plan.

Heil also said he has had attorney-to-attorney talks with the fire district about how to facilitate design and construction of a joint facility.

“We’re hoping to bring those terms and possibly a rough draft of an idea to the Town Council next Tuesday on March 10, with a work session — not an action item — how to spell out all the different terms of how the town and the fire district would work together to pursue this joint facility,” he said.


Varney said he expects the joint facility on Lot 1B will take much longer to develop than his company’s proposed healthcare facility on Lot 1A.

“Will we be the developer of it? Probably not. But if the town and the district would like us to we certainly can be,” he said. The next stop for NexCore is to visit the planning commission’s regular meeting on March 17 for a public hearing on their rezoning application, which would change Lot 1A to mixed commercial.

At Monday’s meeting, Varney was asked by Wildridge resident Peter Buckley if the tenants in the NexCore facility would be local or coming from out of Eagle County.

“That’s a great question that I hope to answer on March 17,” Varney said.

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