Competition uncorked |

Competition uncorked

Don Rogers

It’s the message to our children that the owners of existing liquor stores in Edwards are concerned about, not the prospect of more competition if the Eagle County commissioners grant a license to a new wine store.Not that the other three liquor store owners have any problem at all with good ol’ American competition, mind you. It’s the children. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Apparently, three liquor stores in a community of 8,000 residents somehow make for a fine example, but four would cross the line. Goodness, what’s next with this slippery slope? Vail? That community has a sinful five. And we know it’s the end-times there. Of course it’s nonsense. As long as the new player in the neighborhood – drink! – follows the rules governing alcohol sales, the Eagle County commissioners ought to let the market settle the competitive issues that transparently are at the heart of the other stores’ opposition to the fine wine store gaining a liquor license.There’s no objective need to entertain hours and hours of debate about whether to grant a fourth license in a community the size of Edwards.The commissioners last week rather patiently endured four and a half hours of blather over whether it would be OK for liquor stores to be located near each other – as if that were something government should be any more concerned about than how many ice cream parlors decided to start up at the same time – in addition to this most juvenile outcry against the message for children. Goodness, let’s just close all liquor stores, no matter that their service is perfectly legal for people of a certain age.Nice try, but it shouldn’t take the commissioners 20 minutes to figure this one out. D.R.

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