Competition’s the higher value |

Competition’s the higher value

Don Rogers

Business is booming at the airport. Wondrous snow is part of that, of course, along with a surprisingly strong economy.But this also has the look of the future. As the county continues to grow, the runway lengthens and navigational technology improves, air traffic is only going to soar, too.The Jet Center, citing such information, wants to expand. And that’s fine. But we also know of at least one bid, which apparently is going nowhere, to place a second private plane operation at the airport.Just wondering aloud here, but wouldn’t a little competition provide the greater service to the flying public than expanding the one operation in place now? If another bidder sees potential, as the Jet Center obviously does, might there be room at the airport for them, too?Perhaps this is more a philosophical question about the relative merits of a monopoly vs. more capitalistic answers, but it sure seems worth asking: What’s in the best interests of the people who use the airport, and, secondly, the people who benefit from the tax revenue? That would be all of us, incidentally.Assuming the bidder is qualified to run a second operation, of course, the better answer should be the quintessentially American one. The market potential appears to be there.Vail, Colorado

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