Complaints lead to new measures at Vail dog park |

Complaints lead to new measures at Vail dog park

Daily staff report

VAIL — Those who use Stephens Park in West Vail as an off-leash exercise area for dogs are being encouraged to be more diligent about cleaning up after their pets to preserve the designation. Signs encouraging users to take measures to keep the park clean are being installed at the direction of the Town Council following complaints by park users and the town’s maintenance staff. The council has asked town staff to continue monitoring the situation over the next few weeks.

Stephens Park received its off-leash designation in 2004, joining Bighorn Park in East Vail as the only available off-leash areas in Vail to exercise dogs. Bighorn Park has experienced few problems, in part, because of an active and ongoing neighborhood effort.

All other parks in Vail require dogs to be leashed and under control of their owner.

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