Compliment machine flatters passers-by |

Compliment machine flatters passers-by

WASHINGTON ” People walking by a bright red-and-white striped box on a busy street in the nation’s capital may be surprised to hear a reassuring voice say, “You have nice eyes.”

Or, “People are drawn to your positive energy.”

“The Compliment Machine” is the work of Tom Greaves, 46, a Washington artist. It’s part of an exhibit of public art called SitesProject D.C.

Greaves compared the machine to children’s soccer teams, where “win or lose, everyone gets a trophy.”

He recorded 100 compliments, and an iPod Nano inside the machine plays them at random over a speaker ” like a mechanical, speaking fortune cookie.

Greaves tweaks the compliments every night, adding some and removing others. The iPod is removed at night so it doesn’t get stolen.

The machine operates from about 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day through July 27.

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