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Connie Steiert

Two heads are better than one.That’s what Alex Bolla and Bob Juif, the owners of Nexperts, recently decided. Computer experts individually, the dynamic duo figured together they would not only be able to solve just about any computer hardware problem this valley could throw their way, they could better serve the individuals and area businesses, too.Nexperts is a local computer service company capable of handling all your computer needs. Bolla and Juif are computer whizzes with years of training and experience working with all facets of computers.Although Nexperts just opened in February, the two have been building, fixing and connecting computers for 15 years independently.”We’ve both been doing this for a long time,” explains Bolla. By joining forces, customers will benefit by having that additional perspective when problem solving.Nexperts can design a computer system, build it, install it and maintain it. Whether you need virus protection or trouble shooting for your home computer, or system integrating for your multiple business stations, Nexperts can help you out. They can upgrade existing models or advise you on purchasing new equipment.Nexperts can add memory, install switches, modems, hubs, create new stations and perform data recovery.Nexperts installs cable as well as wireless networks, too.”We service everything from the home user, with one computer in the home, to businesses with file servers and print servers,” Bolla says. “All the hard wire aspects.”Currently, the pair is investigating the Smart Home systems that allow a user to integrate lines and cables, installing just one wire to handle the multiple tasks that now require phone companies, cable companies and Internet lines to handle separately.”You can place one wire to handle it all,” Bolla explains. “We are looking at getting certified in that.”But they are certified in plenty of computer applications already.”One thing which is unique about Nexperts,” says Juif, “is that we do everything from A to Z.”Both these computer experts’ interest in the wonderful world of computers started at a tender age. Bolla was only seven years old when his dad began taking him to advanced computer classes. Originally from Alabama, Bolla studied computer science in school, too. He holds a degree in CIS (Computer Information Systems) from Southern Union in Auburn, Ala. Yet he found he liked the hands-on aspects of building and networking computers far more than sitting in front of a screen all day programming.Like many before him, Bolla moved to the Vail Valley to ski. His early jobs didn’t have much to do with computers, since he was concerned about supporting his ski lifestyle to begin with. But when his wife Courtney became pregnant, Bolla realized it was time to “come back to reality.” He spent eight months studying with the Cisco Networking Academy at Colorado Mountain College, becoming certified in networking.Since that time, Bolla has worked on computers throughout the valley business systems as well as home computers.Juif was just 12 years old when he became fascinated by computers. He attended school in Michigan, where he obtained three degrees, and worked for a while as a chemical engineer. Like so many Vailites, Juif came to Vail to visit a friend and never returned. When he first moved to the Vail area he began working for a company with GPS (global positioning) systems. For years now, he has worked on the valley’s computers.It was coincidence that brought the pair of computer experts together, however. They found themselves working side by side on a few jobs.”We just ended up doing some things together and found we just gelled,” says Juif.”We worked pretty well together, so we said, let’s give it a try,” Bolla agrees.Both Bolla and Juif believe ongoing education is crucial in their field, and each attends at least one computer seminar or workshop every year.”We like to be on the cutting edge of the industry,” Bolla says. “Things change so rapidly.” In the computer world you can purchase the latest equipment one month and have it become antiquated just months later. “We definitely try to stay on top of continuing education.”Bolla attended a 21-day Microsoft seminar last fall, becoming certified as both a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and a MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator). Next month the partners will head to Las Vegas for a computer convention.Additionally, Nexperts remains active with Cisco Systems out of Denver, which is starting a user’s group for systems engineers and administrators, which meets once a month in Glenwood.”That’s a good thing for anybody in the industry trying to stay on top,” Bolla says.One thing Nexperts is not is a retail shop. Although the duo will advise you as to what hardware would be advantageous for your situation, and Nexperts will order it for you, it is not a store stocking computers or making markups form parts. In fact, Nexperts will order the hardware at cost to the company and pass that price on to their customers.”We’re not interested in making money off of parts,” assures Juif.”We would rather see people spend money to buy equipment,” Bolla says. “If they are buying good equipment it makes our lives smoother and their lives smoother as well.”For more information, call Nexperts at (970) 390-3702.Out with the oldSince computer technology changes so rapidly, many times customers are left with obsolete systems that are often not worth the effort to sell.Nexperts donates its old systems to the local Head Start program, where the children still get months, even years of use out of them. Or, they will give old computers to the Thrifty Shoppes in Edwards and Eagle.Alex Bolla and Bob Juif, owners of Nexperts, urge consumers to do the same.”If someone wants to make a donation, they can contact us, and we will do it for them,” Bolla says.

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