Congressional candidate Mark Williams offers a new vision for politics (letter) |

Congressional candidate Mark Williams offers a new vision for politics (letter)

Support for congressional candidate Williams

Mark Williams is a pure-hearted progressive, who will be an agent for change in Congress, fighting for the rights of ordinary working folks.

Williams mirrors the beliefs of Bernie Sanders — that our politics should be driven by people, not corporations, unaccountable political action committees or massively funded groups hiding donors from the people of our country.

Williams can build coalitions with other forward-looking citizen candidates, and mavericks such as Amy McGrath — a former fighter pilot running for Congress out of Kentucky. Williams is a former fighter pilot also, and he is now fighting for our nation in another way.

I want new ideas, new leadership, and a new direction. I think the evidence is clear that the current leadership of the Democratic Party does not represent this congressional district.

Williams’ opponent has all the support of the Washington, D.C. establishment. OK, but I don’t want someone funded by Washington brokers entrenched in the revolving doors of corporations and lobbying firms.

The current party top dogs — those who helped provide extreme tax gifts for the rich, those who gave a handful of banks the freedom to destroy our economy, and those who supported wars and massive military spending to the detriment of working families — are not with me.

Vote your heart. If you like the current state of the Democratic Party, then vote for the corporate lawyer who was hand selected by the party.

I am going a different way. I am supporting Mark Williams on June 26.

Joe Chastain


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