Connected at last |

Connected at last

Shauna Farnell

SESTRIERE, Italy – A trip to the cash machine and 150 Euros later, I have a wireless connection for the next three weeks. Phew! Of course, this won’t give me access in my hotel in San Sicario, but at least I don’t have to deal with figuring out how to get online by way of putting little, expensive cards into old phones and messing with a bunch of cords.

So, as much as I wanted to avoid the bus today, I think it’s going to be necessary to take it every day in order to reach the main mountain press center in Sestriere. At least the trip involves a beautific leg down my friend, the cable car.

I woke up today with a sore throat. I can tell you that being sick is the last thing I’d want, so I’m going to be sucking down the marinara sauce like there’s no tomorrow. Actually, in the spirit of being connected, I managed to have lunch for the first time today, and my pleasantly stabilized blood sugar is doing wonders. Eating. Who knew? Now that I’m hearing more stories from other American journalists, I feel quite lucky with my accommodation, albeit isolated.

Eating Italian food was one thing I was really looking forward to, and my hotel has a fantastic spread for breakfast and dinner, when I’m actually there and not getting waylayed by buses that never show up and time tables that don’t kick in until next week.

I have figured out that a huge bottle of water costs 60 cents at the market down the street here in Sestriere, while a tiny bottle of iced tea costs 2 euros. In all of the new things that are popping up by the minute, I’m concerned to see that a few more toilets aren’t among them.

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Nonetheless, it was a beautiful, sunny day here in Sestriere, and temperatures are supposed to drop for tomorrow’s downhill ski-off (three Americans – Marco Sullivan, Scott MaCartney and Steve Nyman will race each other for the final spot for the Olympic men’s downhill race on Sunday). It will be great to get a sneak peek of some of the skiers in action before the crowds arrive and the events begin.

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